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Hello, my name is Silas Perdue. Welcome to my website about emergency electrician services. My old home frequently has power outages due to the improper operation of my lighting system. I had an electrician come by to take a look and was notified that a full overhaul was in order. Unfortunately, I waited too long to have that work done and was faced in an emergency electrical problem. On this site, I want to help everyone understand how to spot emergency electrical issues. I will share information you need to know about this topic on a daily basis. Please feel free to come by anytime if you want to learn more.



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Electrical Maintenance: Get Your Circuit Breaker Ready For The Holiday Season

If you plan to install lighted holiday fixtures inside and outside your home this season, don't forget to have your home's circuit breaker checked by a professional electrician. Seasonal lights and fixtures require a great deal of electrical power to operate. If your circuit breaker isn't equipped to handle the extra usage, it can fail. Here's why it's important to have your circuit breaker tested.

Why Do You Need Your Circuit Breaker Tested?

Unlike fuse boxes, which can blow when damaged or overloaded, circuit breakers can trip when they're overloaded. Tripped breakers can disrupt power to many different appliances, including your holiday trees and lights. You can prevent many problems this season by having the breaker box and its breakers tested.

For safety reasons, you want to have an electrician test your circuit breaker. Although you can do the test yourself, it may be dangerous if the breaker or the outlets connected to it has problems. In addition, you may find it confusing or difficult using the tools used to do the test. The breakers may also require specific settings to work properly. You may accidentally cause a problem if you disrupt the settings. 

An electrician will generally check each breaker and its accompanying outlets individually during the test. Individual breakers are designed to control electrical power to specific appliances or specific areas of the home. If a contractor finds any issues during the test, they can follow the correct protocols to repair or replace it.

After an electrician secures your circuit breaker, take steps to keep it and your home safe this holiday.

How Do You Keep Your Circuit Breaker From Tripping?

It's important to practice good judgment when installing seasonal lights around your home. Never plug multiple high-powered lights or fixtures into the same electrical outlet. Holiday lights can become very hot during use. The heat can burn the wiring in the outlets, or it may trip your breaker. Overheated fixtures can also cause fires. 

Also, test your lights for problems before you use them. If you find missing or dead bulbs, replace them. Keep extension cords uncovered and unhindered if you choose to use them this year. Extension cords can become hot from excessive use. As with hot seasonal lights, hot extension cords can be dangerous.

If you have other concerns about your circuit breaker or how to keep your home safe this holiday season, contact an electrical repair service for help.