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Hello, my name is Silas Perdue. Welcome to my website about emergency electrician services. My old home frequently has power outages due to the improper operation of my lighting system. I had an electrician come by to take a look and was notified that a full overhaul was in order. Unfortunately, I waited too long to have that work done and was faced in an emergency electrical problem. On this site, I want to help everyone understand how to spot emergency electrical issues. I will share information you need to know about this topic on a daily basis. Please feel free to come by anytime if you want to learn more.



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Important Steps Every Homeowner Needs to Take to Prepare for an Electrical Outage

Have you ever experienced a power outage? If so, you likely found the experience uncomfortable or inconvenient. Extended power outages can happen due weather issues. Depending on where you live and the extent of the outages, it can take hours or days to get power fully restored. Even if you live in an area that rarely experiences electrical outages, it is a wise idea to know how to prepare for one in advance. The following are helpful points that can aid in ensuring that you can be calm and comfortable if a power outage occurs in your area. 

Educate your family about your electrical panel.

Everyone in your home needs to know the location of the electrical panel. They also need to know how to use it. Circuit breaker boxes operate differently. Some require individual circuit resetting, and others reset by switching the main breaker off and back on again. Ensure that you label each circuit, which will make it easy for your family to manually reset one circuit when it is the only one affected.

Plan to unplug major appliances during the outage.

Taking this step will aid in ensuring that a power surge does not damage sensitive electronics and expensive appliances when the power comes back on. It will also ensure that when the electricity is restored your electrical system is not overwhelmed by the sudden need to power all of the appliances and electronics, which could result in the power going back out again. This might mean an even longer wait for power restoration.

Invest in a generator.

There are different types of generators. If you rarely have power outages in your area, a portable Generac generator might be a good option. Portable generators can be taken to other locations if needed. For example, some people take them on camping trips. Whole-house backup generators can be activated manually or automatically when the power goes out. They are ideal for individuals who live in areas that are prone to outages. For example, individuals living in certain areas might be prone to tropical storms and hurricanes that can result in power outages. Both types of generators need to be maintained routinely to ensure that they work when you need them.

An electrician is a good resource to use to learn more about generators. They can help you compare generators and your electrical needs to determine which type of generator is best for your family's needs.